WHY DO CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES USE COMPACTION EQUIPMENT? SOIL DENSIFICATION Compaction is primal when it comes to the densification of soil particles. So why is it important to have the right equipment for soil compaction? QUICK FACTS Reduction of air-void content in the soil Increase load-bearing capacities Providing stability Reduction of water seepage, contraction/swelling Prevent Frost [...]


SCALE AND ENVIRONMENT OF THE PROJECT - Each project site may have many variables that can influence your decision on what equipment rentals you may need. Elements include weather conditions, labor numbers, local building codes, and more. TYPE OF EQUIPMENT- With options at your fingertips, you will first need to gather an understanding of what [...]

Popular Home Improvement Trends for 2023

Kicking off into a new year, also brings the remodels & renovation projects in full gear. The direction and focus for 2023 is introductory of natural light, more modern light fixtures, texture-rich pieces and earthy warm neutral color palettes. With the popularity of working from home, there is definitely an up tick for renovation projects. [...]

When Temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit

CONCRETE CURING BLANKETS [HOLD IN THE HEAT WHILE KEEPING OUT THE COLD]   Concrete projects can be tricky when temperatures reach freezing or below. With the curing process starting almost immediately once the concrete is poured, the freezing or below temperatures takes the curing process to a much slower process. The slowing process presents a […]


REASONS YOU SHOULD RENT STORAGE CONTAINERS PREVENT THEFT & STORE EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTION ideal to keep construction sites safe, secure space by locking up tools & supplies for jobsites. BUSINESS OWENERS no warehouse and need additional space, storage containers are an affordable way for short-term and long-term storing needs.  HOMEOWNERS affordable solution if you are between [...]