Tired of backbreaking labor and time-consuming floor removal? Look no further than Rent-All and the National 5700DL, our top-of-the-line battery-powered ride-on floor scraper. This powerful machine is perfect for tackling tough flooring projects, from residential renovations to large-scale commercial jobs.

Here’s why the 5700DL is the perfect choice for your next project:

  • Emission-free operation: Breathe easy knowing the 5700DL produces zero fumes, making it ideal for indoor use.
  • All-day power: Work uninterrupted for an entire shift (8 hours) on a single charge, thanks to the 12 high-capacity AGM batteries.
  • Compact design: The 5700DL fits through standard doorways, allowing you to work in tight spaces with ease.
  • Hydraulic drive: Experience smooth maneuvering and consistent power for efficient floor removal.
  • Dual Lift (DL) feature: Adjust the blade pitch and angle from the comfort of the operator’s seat, maximizing control and minimizing effort.
  • Removes tough materials: Effortlessly remove various flooring materials, including wood, ceramic, and even VCT with optional 1-inch blades.

Renting the 5700DL from Rent-All offers several advantages:

  • Cost-effective: Avoid the high upfront cost of purchasing a floor scraper. Only pay for the time you need the machine.
  • No maintenance hassles: We handle all maintenance and repairs, ensuring the 5700DL is always in top working condition.
  • Expert advice: Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you choose the right blades and accessories for your specific project.

Ready to experience the power and convenience of the 5700DL? Visit your local Rent-All store today or browse our online inventory to check availability and reserve your machine.

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