Fall Lawn/Yard Maintenance tasks + Important Rentals | Part 1

Fall is one of the best times to improve your lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens. We have broken down the work, plus what rentals are just wanted you need to get the job done right.

Lawn Care

Fall fertilizing is crucial if you desire to keep your lawns vigorous and healthy. It is also recommended to continue to mow until the grass has stopped growing. During mowing some rough patches will be exposed and seeding or overseeding may be required to get a head start in the spring. Let’s talk turf – Dethatch or aerate, or do both. Dethatching involves pulling vertically oriented tines through the turf. Aerating involves extracting small cores of soil. Each application is ideal to do approximately one month before the first frost.

Schedule Your Rental or Purchase new units that are available

Rental Equipment 

  • 60 Gal Sprayer
  • Spreader Attachment 3pt
  • Mower & Lawn Tractor
  • Walk-Behind Aerator
  • 4′ Aerator Attachment

New Units Available for Purchase

  • PR550H – Power RAKE – Available for purchase only
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