1. Does each location carry the same equipment?
     Each location carries a majority of the same construction and homeowner equipment. The categories that vary depending on location are Vehicle, Agriculture, and Party Rentals. To find what rentals are available at your nearest location, please view our rentals or call us at (800) 722-3928.

2. Do you sell used equipment?
     Yes. We consistently revolve our rental fleet and have items for sale. To see if a certain item is for sale, please call or email us and we will get you a quote.

3. Do you deliver?
     Yes, additional charges can be quoted in advance.

4. What are your payment terms?
     Full payment is required prior to renting, unless a Credit Application has been filled out and approved. If your account has been approved, credit is granted and accounts are due Net/30. If payment is not received within 45 days, a credit hold is implemented. If still not paid within 90 days, the collections proceedings begin.

5. Do you accept credit cards?
     Yes we accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover.

6. Who is responsible for damaged equipment during the rental period?
     The customer is responsible for any damage they inflict upon equipment during rental period. However, if the piece of equipment is not running properly, Rent-All will cover all necessary repairs. For example, if a mower belt broke during a rental due to its age, Rent-All would be responsible for repair. If a customer broke the belt due to their own careless activity, repair cost of the belt would be the responsibility of the renter.

7. Is there a cancellation fee for reservations?
     We do not charge for cancellations. We do ask that customers call as soon as possible if the rental is no longer needed.

8. Do I need to make a deposit to reserve equipment?
     Most of our rentals do not require a deposit. If a rental does require a deposit, our deposits are non-refundable in the case of a cancellation.

9. What are the terms for half day and full day on rentals?
     A half day rental constitutes 4 hours of rental time in addition to drive time for customers who live out of town. A full day provides a customer up to 24 hours with the rental equipment. For equipment with hour meters, the customer is allowed between 8 hours on the meter. If that customer exceeds 8 hours, they will be charged for additional time.

10. Do you offer insurance for equipment rentals?
     We do not offer insurance on equipment. Under the contract agreement between Rent-All and its customers, the equipment rented is the property of the customer until it is returned and therefore falls under the customer’s property insurance.

11. What do I do if a piece of equipment breaks down while on rent?
     Just give us a call! We strive to maintain the highest quality equipment, but if a problem arises, let us know so we can get it resolved for you as quickly as possible.

12. Am I responsible for fuel used on equipment rentals?
     Depends on the rental item. For all small equipment with an 8Hp motor or less, fuel is included. For all larger equipment with 2 cylinders or more, fuel is an additional cost. You will receive a full tank when you rent the item and should refill the tank before returning the item. If the equipment is returned without a full tank, a fuel charge will be added to your bill.