Premium blade offers the best diamond quality with a higher diamond concentration. These blades offer great performance and good product life.

Guardian Blade – Three segments designed for concrete, asphalt, brick, and block, red rock concrete, green concrete, wet or dry. Switching between concrete and asphalt with one blade will not hinder performance. Double life expectancy proved. The air-cooled design increases longevity. For use on high-speed hand saws, brick and block saws, Low HP walk behind saws. Switching between asphalt, concrete, block, and masonry with one blade is NO issue.

When using concrete saws, there are 3 key things to maximize your efficiency and quality of work. Longevity, training, and money spent. Concrete Blades at Rent-All are purchasable for every job you encounter. Call it, the Good, Better, Best.

Concrete Blade Level: GOOD – Basic Diamond [BD] offers good diamond quality with a basic diamond concentration. The blades offer good performance and good product life.

Virginia Abrasives Ultra Value | This Diamond blade is designed with a 7mm segment height for concrete and masonry.

Husqvarna QH5 | Designed for cured concrete and block. For use on handheld saws and walk behind saws.

Concrete Blade Level: BETTER -ULTRA VALUE [UV] offers a better diamond quality with a moderate diamond concentration. These blades offer better performance and better product life.

Diteq Diamond Tools Monster Blade | Designed for concrete brick block green and asphalt. 30% high satisfaction rate in the market today. This blade comes standard with three Segment design and Arix Diamonds to ensure better clean-out and less ware on all tips at once. For use on high-speed hand saws, brick and block saws, and Low HP walk-behind saws.